Pharmacovigilance 2016

27 May 2018 to 27 May 2018

27 May 2018

11th Pharmacovigilance 2016.


The past is reflected in a session about Indian traditional medicine and the future is discussed under Big Data analytics and in the research of our young scientists. However, we must live and act in the present and debate pressing challenges that face us today in pharmacovigilance (PV). The rates for medication errors are too high. We still struggle to communicate risk well. With the welcome drive towards transparency and respecting human rights, legal and ethical issues in PV have come to the fore. Society’s research enterprise as a whole needs to become far more aware of the commercial reality that PV underpins safety, with its intimate links to innovation, so that safety and must be intrinsically built into successful development and marketing. With governments round the world struggling to curb healthcare costs, the importance of integrating PV into National Health Programmes has never been more important.


Pharmacovigilance 2016
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