International Conference on Healthcare Systems & Global Business Issues

27 May 2018 to 27 May 2018

27 May 2018

This conference provides an excellent avenue for academicians to present papers as well as practitioners to learn from presentations as well as interact with academicians. This conference is spearheaded by a host sponsoring institutions and prides in the fact that it probably is the best value for participants among the business administration and healthcare administration related conferences.  The conference is primarily funded by the registration fee and key sponsors. It has also helped in fostering collegiality among academicians and industry leaders, and a result both these entities have learned and helped each other.  The long term partnership and friendship that this conference has created among participants is invaluable.

This conference will:

  • Give an opportunity for academicians, students, and practitioners from the fields of business administration, healthcare administration, medicine, pharmacy, information management, to the exchange research, thoughts, and ideas pertaining these area with a global perspective;
  • Help participants to enhance their knowledge in a more global sense the various concepts and frameworks that may work in one environment while miserably fail in another when while adopting the contemporary issues in business, management, and healthcare administration.
  • To consider the pedagogy for teaching the issue of business &healthcare administration.  Healthcare administration and business administration faculty from USA, UK, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Slovakia, to name a few countries will provide greater insights of this rapidly growing field.  Institutions interested in developing healthcare administration programs will have an opportunity to interact with several current and past healthcare administration program directors, department chairs, deans, and college presidents;
  • Provide an opportunity to network with colleagues from several countries to partner with in future research and educational endeavours;
  • Gain insights of how authors in various business and healthcare disciplines enhance their skills to generate publishable articles
International Conference on Healthcare Systems & Global Business Issues
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