IAGR 2016

24 Jun 2018 to 24 Jun 2018

24 Jun 2018


Annual Convention of the International Association for Gondwana Research (IAGR) and 13th International Symposium on Gondwana to Asia

The University of Kerala and IAGR cordially invite you to participate in this important international conference from 18 — 22 Nov 2016 which would cover the state-of-the-art on various aspects related to Gondwana and other supercontinents, as well as the tectonic and metallogenic evolution of the Asian region.
The IAGR annual convention and international conference provide important opportunities to meet renowned geoscientists, for exchange of scientific ideas and for the growth of excellence in academic and scientific pursuit. The 2016 conference will address a wide range of topics related to supercontinent tectonics in general and Gondwana-Asia in particular.

IAGR 2016
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