UGC Recommended Journal: Why??

It’s being a great step by Gov. of India to ask UGC to bring recommended journals and list it out for the researchers and prepare accordingly the research work. The research work has to be in the international level to compete the global market.

UGC Recommended Journal

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International Journals: Why

The recommended International journals have got their own potentials in highest standard. The journals being recommended in different domains is to help the researchers to update their research work standard and bring the innovations and ideation for the world of researchers and make it utilized for the society as well extend the work of research to next level.

The International Journals which are recommended by UGC is mainly indexed by Scopus .Now researchers could go deep and work and put their effort bring their best and give it a shot.


For CAS it’s highly recommended that you should publish in those 38,000 approximately journals: Recommended by UGC. If you understand the philosophy of bringing those journals into work is nothing but to grow the standard of Research and let the real education follow the real education. UGC has designed the CAS to give the financial benefits as well career benefits to the professors and teachers who are eligible. CAS is eyeing to the real professors with original research work to lead the education and the students.


The dramatic change by bringing those journals indexed in Scopus is ultimately going to growth to the education system. To compete in the International market. To enhance the standard into international level. To make eligible to the top universities or institute.

Students, researchers, professors can now start preparing for the future to engage them in quality research and bring their best and publish their papers in Scopus indexed Journals which are recommended by UGC.

Though beginning is tough but once you start thinking on it ,programme your brain and take the guidance of the professors or guides you can do the things the way it should be .Though it won’t be easy to start but it’s worth trying ,rather thinking how to do or not trying for it.


How to get your research papers ready to be published in UGC RECOMMENDED JOURNALS? If this is a question mark for you, here are some tips…

10 POINTS:UGC approved journals

  1. Think it’s possible though it’s not easy.
  2. Believe you are going to make it.
  3. Find a guide who has already published his papers in Scopus Indexed Journals.
  4. Understand the criteria these journals seek.
  5. Prepare yourself for it.
  6. Expand your vision by publishing in Scopus indexed journals what you are going to get.
  7. Devote yourself.
  8. Make a plan /strategy with your guide.
  9. And do the hard work to get the job done.
  10. Make yourself flexible and ready for change.


After UGC taken decision on approving journals for publishing for CAS, Conferencealertindia which promotes International conference for the benefit of research scholars has recently listed so many conferences those who are doing publications in UGC approved journals.

What you have to do is simply visit to the website called and go to the upcoming conference and find the conferences where the UGC recommended journals are associated with the conferences.


Once you find any conference of your choice, check whether the conference is publishing your papers in journals or not!! Then check the list of journals whether it is indexed in Scopus or not and then follow the link: .Once you find the approved journals go and publish it and get the job done.