Why UGC Recommended / Approved Journals…??

Basing on the survey reports it identified that, there are several organisations (not to name any) promote themselves as a publisher and name some journals .As researchers find easy to publish in them by paying some money. So only publication is happening for last so many years.

WHAT WAS HAPPENING??UGC approved journals

  1. The research work is not up to the mark.
  2. Only publication was happening in sake of publication.
  3. Quality of research was diminishing.
  4. The output was not good.
  5. Brain work was less.
  6. The real work was suffering.

After introducing the approved journals by UGC, it’s going to be a huge change in the education system.


  1. The research work is going to come up to the mark.
  2. it’s not only publication, it’s going to be worthy one.
  3. Quality of research will be increasing.
  4. The output will be tremendous.
  5. Now there will real brain work.
  6. The real work not going to suffer.
  7. Growth will be there.
  8. Value of real research work will be paid.


UGC had done a tremendous work by approving the journals which are mainly indexed by Scopus. As the journals which are indexed in Scopus got more value than normal indexing. As because the Scopus indexed journals have set a quality for a long period, it’s highly fruitful and sited by maximum quality people/researchers.

By approving this gold quality journalsUGC has set a standard for the researchers. By which all the research works are going to be healthy, effective and quality based. The output will be marvellous.

So after recommending these Scopus indexed journals, Researchers who will meet the criteria, get the full benefit of Career Advancement Scheme (CAS).

By implementing these UGC approved Scopus journals, it’s going to be a huge change in the education system. Approach to research will be different and the brain works are going to be happened. Understanding the depth of research UGC had made a drastic change in publishing papers/manuscript in approved journals by University Grant Commission.

University Grants Commission

Searching UGC approved Journals…

There are few International conferences which are listed in the India’s First ever conference alert website are having journals approved by UGC for 2017. These International conferences are designed to give support to the people/researchers to fulfil their need in research works.

By attending these International conferences in 2017, which are listed in conference alert website will give the mileage to the researchers, teachers and professors to avail the Career Advancement Scheme (CAS).

It’sgoing to be easy work for researchers and professors to find easy to publish their research works in UGC approved journals and attend the conferences and get the exposure maximum as well benefit too.

To find more about the journals you need to publish kindly follow this link and find your journals.

LINK: http://www.ugc.ac.in/ugc_notices.aspx?id=1604

These Scopus indexed journals are highly indexed as well more cited, which helps the researchers to get more benefit after publication and setting a standard for the academic industry. Academicians or researchers are now aware of the changes being made and ready to change their approach towards research.

Government of India is looking

It’s being a change what Government of India is looking for a long time and finally took steps to change the system. Hoping for the best it’s going to be a growth certainly. As India is moving ahead in every system, in each and every aspect why the education system will lag behind. Because education is the back bone of everything. As the education system is growing stronger day by day, we can hope that it’s going to be a bright future for all aspects the time to come. And certainly India is going to led whole world in all aspects.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi