Conference Alert India – How to make the Best use of Conference Alert Services

Finding Latest Academic Conferences:
Academic conferences Alerts 2017A simple Google search will show you a list of upcoming academic conferences in your field. You can visit the web-pages shown on the Google search result page one by one and get the details of each individual conference. You should at first check the paper submission dates. If the dates are in future, you can submit your paper and register for the conference upon approval. So you can imagine how simple is to find a conference and registering yourself for the presentation. This is all due to the advancement of technology. Everything has been digitized and we are using a lot of them in our day-to-day life too. You can’t even imagine, how difficult it was to find a prefect academic conference before the Internet.

Why Conference Alert?
But why should we need a service called conference alert? In such a time while, finding a conference is so easy with online search engines, what are the advanced things Conference alert can provide? The answer is simple. It’s more advanced and time saving too. Also it provides latest academic conference details to your mailbox directly,
What is Conference Alert?
Basically Conference alert is an email subscription service that helps the subscribers getting the information about latest conferences through their email. This reduces the time of searching in Google, selecting the related conferences, checking the details etc. So you can get all the details inside your mailbox. It doesn’t send you the expired conferences, but only the upcoming conferences having submission dates in future.
How Conference Alert Works?

Conference Alert service is being provided by “Conference Alert India”, a website having a large number of conferences details and one of the popular conference directories in India. Conference organizers submit their conference information here. Apart from that CAI ( also collects and lists all important and best academic conferences going to be held in near future. Those listing are then converted to RSS format. The RSS feeds having contents from the website then served to the list of subscribers.
How to Subscribe to Conference Alert?
As I had said it earlier, this is a simple email subscription service; you only need your email address and name to register yourself. While visiting you can find the subscription box easily (it normally appears as a pop-up). Put your name and email address in the specified field and submit that. You will receive an email to confirm the subscription. Click on the given link and confirm your subscription. Now you will start receiving regular email updates about the latest and upcoming conferences in your area of research. No need to go to any website or directory for searching while you will get all the details inside your inbox.
At the End

It’s recommended that every conference aspirants should take the benefit of conference alert services. There is nothing to pay for as the service comes free of cost. If you had subscribed and you don’t need the email updates any more, you can easily unsubscribe yourself from the list. Just scroll to the end of the email and you will find the un-subscription links.
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