Upcoming Seminars and Conferences – How to Stay Informed and Alert?

Upcoming Seminars and Conferences are some of the most important things for any research student. Attending conferences, submitting research papers and presenting those papers is very necessary. So the selection of good seminars and conferences is also another important point. It’s not possible to attend all the conferences and seminars of your subject, hosted at different places. You can manage to attend maximum 4 to 5 conferences in a year. So the events you are going to register, should be best in the industry.
As we know, a lot of academic seminars and conferences are being organized across the country, one thing you need to remember that, all the conferences don’t carry similar weight or importance. So why waste time in such conferences, where you will not be able to achieve your goal? You need to select the best academic conferences and attend them.

Upcoming Seminars and Conferences:

To get information about all the Upcoming Seminars and Conferences, you can use the web search engine. This will help you to search the World Wide Web and provide you information about all the conferences and seminars. In deed this is a good tool for conference search. But it’s little time taking if compared with other forms of conference search.

Conference Database:

When you search through the conference and seminar databases or directories, you will get the better results. All the results are related to conferences, seminars, workshops etc. And you will get the upcoming conferences information, not the expired ones. Conference Alert India is such a popular and leading conference database that lists and shows you all the upcoming conferences in India.
Conference Alert India:
All of the Best academic conferences in India can be found in the Upcoming conferences section of ConferenceAlertindia.com. If you search for a good academic conferences in India, you need to bookmark this website for best result. To find the best conference for your subject, you may use the website search feature or simply browse the related categories. No need to use search engines like Google or any other website. Save your time and use only Conference Alert India.
Conference Subscription:
All conference alert is a conference subscription option available for the users of Conference Alert India. You can subscribe for receiving upcoming seminars and conferences as email letters. So, this will help you in saving more of your valuable time and provide you all the conference information you need. Getting the details of upcoming academic conferences through email also helps you to remember all those important conferences and you never skip any of them.

As this conference subscription is free of cost, you can easily be a member to receive these updates by providing your email address at Conference alert India. Find the subscription box in the side bar of the website or as a pop-up form. Provide your name and email id and submit the form. Click on the confirmation link you received through email to verify your email address. Now you will start receiving conference alert as soon as they announced.

International Conference Alerts. How to Find Latest International Conferences

International conferences alerts are used to provide information about latest and upcoming international conferences. Conference aspirants find this tool very useful and time saving for their all conference needs. Not only it sends them alert about the upcoming conference, but also it sends useful information and other helpful tips you need as a conference attendee. So subscribing to an International conference alert is always a good idea and has many benefits.

How Conference Alerts Work?

You may have questions regarding the conference alerts, how they collect information and share with you. So here are the answers:

First of all you need to subscribe to a conference alert in order to get all the benefits.
After your subscription gets confirmed, you start receiving information about upcoming conferences.
Every conference alert service is connected to a conference database or directory. A conference database has a great amount of information about all the conferences. It lists upcoming conferences and even in real time too. So the “Conference alert” i.e. associated with one of the conference database, collects information from the database.
As you are a subscriber, your email id will be stored in the “conference alert” database.
Now it arranges all the upcoming (future dated) conferences and send them to the email ids of the subscribers.
So all of the subscribers get information they need, regularly and even without visiting the conference listing website.
Conference Alerts Subscription. How to Subscribe?
As you know, subscribing to “conference alert” is necessary in order to receive the information about latest and upcoming conferences, here are the steps you need to do for subscribing “Conference Alert” at “Conference Alert India”.

Go to the home page of the website https://www.conferencealertindia.com
You may find the pop up subscription box asks you to subscribe for latest updates. You can use this or scroll a little and in the lower sidebar section, there is another subscription box available.
Fill the details like your name and email address etc.
Now submit the form.
Go, check your email. You will have new email.
Open on the confirmation email and click on the verification link inside that mail.
Now you will get the verification success message and you are done.
Now on wards you will start receiving conference alerts in your email. This saves a lot of time and gives you more accurate results.

Conference Alert India – How to make the Best use of Conference Alert Services

Finding Latest Academic Conferences:
Academic conferences Alerts 2017A simple Google search will show you a list of upcoming academic conferences in your field. You can visit the web-pages shown on the Google search result page one by one and get the details of each individual conference. You should at first check the paper submission dates. If the dates are in future, you can submit your paper and register for the conference upon approval. So you can imagine how simple is to find a conference and registering yourself for the presentation. This is all due to the advancement of technology. Everything has been digitized and we are using a lot of them in our day-to-day life too. You can’t even imagine, how difficult it was to find a prefect academic conference before the Internet.

Why Conference Alert?
But why should we need a service called conference alert? In such a time while, finding a conference is so easy with online search engines, what are the advanced things Conference alert can provide? The answer is simple. It’s more advanced and time saving too. Also it provides latest academic conference details to your mailbox directly,
What is Conference Alert?
Basically Conference alert is an email subscription service that helps the subscribers getting the information about latest conferences through their email. This reduces the time of searching in Google, selecting the related conferences, checking the details etc. So you can get all the details inside your mailbox. It doesn’t send you the expired conferences, but only the upcoming conferences having submission dates in future.
How Conference Alert Works?

Conference Alert service is being provided by “Conference Alert India”, a website having a large number of conferences details and one of the popular conference directories in India. Conference organizers submit their conference information here. Apart from that CAI (conferencealertindia.com) also collects and lists all important and best academic conferences going to be held in near future. Those listing are then converted to RSS format. The RSS feeds having contents from the website then served to the list of subscribers.
How to Subscribe to Conference Alert?
As I had said it earlier, this is a simple email subscription service; you only need your email address and name to register yourself. While visiting Conferencealertindia.com you can find the subscription box easily (it normally appears as a pop-up). Put your name and email address in the specified field and submit that. You will receive an email to confirm the subscription. Click on the given link and confirm your subscription. Now you will start receiving regular email updates about the latest and upcoming conferences in your area of research. No need to go to any website or directory for searching while you will get all the details inside your inbox.
At the End

It’s recommended that every conference aspirants should take the benefit of conference alert services. There is nothing to pay for as the service comes free of cost. If you had subscribed and you don’t need the email updates any more, you can easily unsubscribe yourself from the list. Just scroll to the end of the email and you will find the un-subscription links.
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Engineering conferences 2017 – Finding Best Engineering Conferences

“Engineering conferences 2017” is the most used search term in Google by research students in engineering category. 2016 is leaving. Few remaining conferences of 2016 have already closed their way to accept any research papers. So, all of the conference aspirants are searching for a suitable conference in 2017. We are also having a list of good amount of engineering conferences in India, listed in our database. All Conference Alert is the only place for your search for all engineering conferences in 2017 in India.

All conferences are not having equal value and importance. So you need to select. Select the right conference for your career. As, one of your primary goal is to publish your research paper in a good journal, you need to be careful while choosing a conference too. Check about the associated journal where your accepted paper will be published. Check the impact factors of those journals. So you can select a conference by judging the popularity and quality of its associated journal.

Apart from that, the importance of keynote speaker, the location and the distance of the conference venue, registration fees, and importance of the conference theme are some of the major selection factor, while deciding about the best engineering conference 2017.

Engineering Conferences in Conference Alert India:

Being one of the leading conference database of India, Conferencealertindia.com has a great list of Upcoming conference in Engineering colleges 2017. There are so many subcategories under engineering section, which can be seen on the home page. Browse your desired departments to find a suitable conference for you. You can use the Conference Search feature for an easy and quick search of latest and upcoming conferences in engineering section.

By using Conference Alert India, you can get all the popular and important engineering conference details in advance at one place. So that you can prepare your papers, presentations, book the travel tickets & lodging etc. in advance. No need to search regularly to find a suitable conference. No need to waste your valuable time. You will get all you need here at conference alert India.

Subscribing for conference alert:

There is another time saving feature also available for Conference Alert India users. The “Conference Alert” service is a free subscription service and available for all. You need to subscribe to this service by providing your email address and name. It will send you a confirmation email. You need to click on the “confirmation” link to verify your email address. After successful verification, you will start receiving information about latest conferences in your email. So, no need to check the website regularly. Just open your email and all those upcoming engineering conferences are there.
Social media Subscription:

You can also find our official pages at Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. You should be a fan and follow those pages in order to get conference notifications.
You can also find our official pages at Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. You should be a fan and follow those pages in order to get conference notifications.

International Conference – A Short Guide for New Attendees

International conference:
International Conference for research students and other academicians plays a vital role in presenting their papers and publishing in a journal. Every conference aspirant search for a good conference in his/her area of research. Popular and high quality conferences are associated with famous and high ranked journals. So, attending a good conference is very important. You can find so many conferences are being announced every day. The internet is loaded with such academic conferences. But most of them may not fulfill your goal. Also you need to be careful of Fake conferences.
Finding an International conference:
Searching through Internet is a natural thing these days. So you can also use Google, Yahoo or Bing like search engines, to find some upcoming International conferences in your domain. But if you have done this, you might have seen the undesired information from those search results. It’s not easy to find a good conference of your choice. There will be some outdated conferences and some irrelevant information too. So, you will spend a lot of time and get very less result.

Instead of trying the online search engines, you have the option to get information about Upcoming conferences through Conference Database. These conference databases are normal looking online conference directories, having a huge list of upcoming conferences in various subjects and categories. Conference Alert India is such a conference database having a great amount of conference information in India. So you can get all the high quality International conference details, those are going to be held in India only. Browse www.conferencealertindia.com now.
Benefits of International conferences:
International conferences are more beneficial than National conferences. While national conferences have the scope limited to the organizing country, International conferences go beyond the boarder and have participants from different parts of the world. High quality speakers, a good number of attendees, tough and trending conference theme, a high ranking associated journal are some of the characteristics of a good International conference. So you can get all the best things here, compared to other types of conferences.
How to make the best use of International conference?
After, registering for the conference, you need to prepare yourself for this upcoming event. Make your papers ready. Proofread them and take the help of your guide too. Practice for the presentation. You will have a very limited amount of time and you need to cover your presentation in this allowed time. So practicing with time limit in mind will be very helpful.
Try to reach in the conference venue earlier. So, you don’t have to miss anything. The conference is a hub of knowledge. Listen to your favorite speakers and prepare yourself to learn new things and technologies as much as possible.
Apart from the academic sessions, you will get time for short breaks and leisure. Use this time to know other attendees. Make a good network with them. This is a place of some great minds in your industry too. Try meet them and share your contact details. You may get chance to interact with your favorite speaker. Don’t miss the chance. Make good network with other researchers from different countries. This will be a great advantage for your research career.


It’s being a great step by Gov. of India to ask UGC to bring recommended journals and list it out for the researchers and prepare accordingly the research work. The research work has to be in the international level to compete the global market.

International Journals: Why
The recommended International journals have got their own potentials in highest standard. The journals being recommended in different domains is to help the researchers to update their research work standard and bring the innovations and ideation for the world of researchers and make it utilized for the society as well extend the work of research to next level.
For CAS it’s highly recommended that you should publish in those 38,000 approximately journals: Recommended by UGC. If you understand the philosophy of bringing those journals into work is nothing but to grow the standard of Research and let the real education follow the real education. UGC has designed the CAS to give the financial benefits as well career benefits to the professors and teachers who are eligible. CAS is eyeing to the real professors with original research work to lead the education and the students.

Students, researchers, professors can now start preparing for the future to engage them in quality research and bring their best and publish their papers in Scopus indexed Journals which are recommended by UGC.
Though beginning is tough but once you start thinking on it ,programme your brain and take the guidance of the professors or guides you can do the things the way it should be .Though it won’t be easy to start but it’s worth trying ,rather thinking how to do or not trying for it.

How to get your research papers ready to be published in UGC RECOMMENDED JOURNALS? If this is a question mark for you, here are some tips…
10 POINTS:UGC approved journals
Think it’s possible though it’s not easy.
Believe you are going to make it.
Find a guide who has already published his papers in Scopus Indexed Journals.
Understand the criteria these journals seek.
Prepare yourself for it.
Expand your vision by publishing in Scopus indexed journals what you are going to get.
Devote yourself.
Make a plan /strategy with your guide.
And do the hard work to get the job done.
Make yourself flexible and ready for change.

After UGC taken decision on approving journals for publishing for CAS, Conferencealertindia which promotes International conference for the benefit of research scholars has recently listed so many conferences those who are doing publications in UGC approved journals.

What you have to do is simply visit to the website called conferencealertindia.com and go to the upcoming conference and find the conferences where the UGC recommended journals are associated with the conferences.

Once you find any conference of your choice, check whether the conference is publishing your papers in journals or not!! Then check the list of journals whether it is indexed in Scopus or not and then follow the link: http://www.ugc.ac.in/ugc_notices.aspx?id=1604 .Once you find the approved journals go and publish it and get the job done.


Conference Alert India – How to Stay Alert of Latest Conferences

Busy life style of ours makes it impossible to keep track of everything we wish. It’s very difficult to remember our requirements. So we need and use some automated processes in our life and they have been a part of our life. Conference Alert Service is a kind of automated process that helps us in receiving latest conference information. It sends us regular updates on upcoming conferences and other useful resources too. Students, researchers & Academicians always need this kind of information for their study and the growth of their career. But as I had mentioned above, it’s not possible to search for upcoming conferences regularly on the web, due to lack of time. So, Conference Alert India is one of the best solutions to this kind of need.

What is Conference Alert India?
This is a simple email alert system for its users regarding the latest & upcoming conferences in India. It provides alert for both National & International conferences, but the conference venues limited to India only.
Where Can I Find this?
You are in the right place, if you are searching for the Best Conference Alert service in India. This website, ConferenceAlertIndia.com has a free email subscription system. You can find this on the side bar and easily register with the help of your name and email address. You will start receiving conference updates from the website on regular time intervals. These updates contain information about latest and upcoming conferences. You can find some conferences related to your industry and important for you too. Thus, it saved a lot of your time and acted as an assistant, that searched the web and provided you the information you need for free.
What should I do to Unsubscribe from this Alert?

If you no-longer need conference alert to be delivered to your email address, you can easily unsubscribe. Each email you receive has an option to opt out from the alert. Find and click on that appropriate link. Fill out the form if prompted and send us. Done. Your request will be processed and you will be discontinued from All Conference Alerts service within 48 Hours.
Other Ways to Get Conference Alerts in India:

Email subscription is the most popular and hassle free option to receive latest conference alert without visiting any website. But apart from this you can use our social media pages to get regular updates. Links to our Social Pages can be found on our website. Follow our official pages and you will receive alerts on your social media wall too. If you are staying active on social sites like Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus, this option is the best one for you.

Engineering conferences in india

Engineering Conferences in India are very common these days. India is one of the largest producers of Engineers in the world. There are more than 3500 engineering colleges in the country and they are producing more than 1.5 Million Engineering Pass outs each year. If this rate continues, you may find more than 1 engineer in every family very soon. Due to this high demand in engineering education sector, we are also seeing a great increase in the number of Engineering Conferences in India.

These Engineering Conferences are very much important for the students. So, most of the educational institutions and Universities are now organizing many Engineering conferences every month. At Conference Alert India, you can find a great list of upcoming academic conferences in engineering section. There are sub-sections like Telecommunications, Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science, Automobile etc. and many more. Each of these sub sections are also filled with latest conferences and Workshop in Engineering Colleges during 2016 and 2017.

International conferences in Engineering

Among the list, most of the conferences are International conferences in Engineering. This is because of the high demand and willingness of the students to attend an International conference. Not only the students, but also the research professionals and other academicians eagerly register for a good International conference in engineering sector. This gives you a nice experience and knowledge of meeting people from various parts of the world inside India. A Global experience in your home country. So, Joining an International conference in Engineering is not only a good, but a Best decision for the growth of your career.
Workshop in Engineering Colleges

Most of the conference organizers plan for a technical workshop in engineering colleges along with the conference (You may also find a workshop without a conference). These workshops are very much helpful for students to get a practical knowledge about their upcoming jobs. It’s a live training and practical work in an engineering environment. Being technical in nature, it helps in acquiring knowledge about manufacturing, production, operation and planning.
Upcoming conference in engineering colleges 2016 & 2017
So, Attending an Engineering Conference/Seminar/Workshop has a great list of benefits and no one can ignore that. But the demand for a high quality conference is always there. All of us wish to join the Best Engineering conference, but don’t know how to find some top academic conferences. However, this will not be a problem for you anymore. Conference Alert India does all the hard work (searching, checking, validating etc.)For you and gives you a list of some of the Best Engineering Conferences.
Get all the Upcoming International conferences in Engineering inside the Engineering section at ConferenceAlertIndia.com. You may browse to the subcategories to find any Upcoming conference in engineering colleges for any particular trade. Our free email subscription service is also available for helping you to get All Conference Alerts in your inbox, as soon as they declared.


Basing on the survey reports it identified that, there are several organisations (not to name any) promote themselves as a publisher and name some journals .As researchers find easy to publish in them by paying some money. So only publication is happening for last so many years.

WHAT WAS HAPPENING??UGC approved journals

The research work is not up to the mark.
Only publication was happening in sake of publication.
Quality of research was diminishing.
The output was not good.
Brain work was less.
The real work was suffering.
After introducing the approved journals by UGC, it’s going to be a huge change in the education system.


The research work is going to come up to the mark.
it’s not only publication, it’s going to be worthy one.
Quality of research will be increasing.
The output will be tremendous.
Now there will real brain work.
The real work not going to suffer.
Growth will be there.
Value of real research work will be paid.


UGC had done a tremendous work by approving the journals which are mainly indexed by Scopus. As the journals which are indexed in Scopus got more value than normal indexing. As because the Scopus indexed journals have set a quality for a long period, it’s highly fruitful and sited by maximum quality people/researchers.

By approving this gold quality journalsUGC has set a standard for the researchers. By which all the research works are going to be healthy, effective and quality based. The output will be marvellous.

So after recommending these Scopus indexed journals, Researchers who will meet the criteria, get the full benefit of Career Advancement Scheme (CAS).

By implementing these UGC approved Scopus journals, it’s going to be a huge change in the education system. Approach to research will be different and the brain works are going to be happened. Understanding the depth of research UGC had made a drastic change in publishing papers/manuscript in approved journals by University Grant Commission.

Searching UGC approved Journals…

There are few International conferences which are listed in the India’s First ever conference alert website are having journals approved by UGC for 2017. These International conferences are designed to give support to the people/researchers to fulfil their need in research works.

By attending these International conferences in 2017, which are listed in conference alert website will give the mileage to the researchers, teachers and professors to avail the Career Advancement Scheme (CAS).

It’sgoing to be easy work for researchers and professors to find easy to publish their research works in UGC approved journals and attend the conferences and get the exposure maximum as well benefit too.

To find more about the journals you need to publish kindly follow this link and find your journals.

LINK: http://www.ugc.ac.in/ugc_notices.aspx?id=1604

These Scopus indexed journals are highly indexed as well more cited, which helps the researchers to get more benefit after publication and setting a standard for the academic industry. Academicians or researchers are now aware of the changes being made and ready to change their approach towards research.

Government of India is looking

It’s being a change what Government of India is looking for a long time and finally took steps to change the system. Hoping for the best it’s going to be a growth certainly. As India is moving ahead in every system, in each and every aspect why the education system will lag behind. Because education is the back bone of everything. As the education system is growing stronger day by day, we can hope that it’s going to be a bright future for all aspects the time to come. And certainly India is going to led whole world in all aspects.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi